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6th Annual “Kick Up Your Heels"

We are currently collecting items for our sixth annual celebrity online auction. The returning theme of the auction is “Kick Up Your Heels”. The auction will commence in January 2014. Money raised from this fundraiser helps support our Summer Theatre Camps. This program introduces the performing arts to over 70 children ages 6-16.

Confirmed Celebrity Participants (as of 1/30/14)

Akra, Kristina (MLB Network Host)

Anderson, Gillian (Actress)

Antonelli, Debbie (Sports Broadcaster)

Anwar, Gabrielle (Actress)

Arm, Allisyn Ashley (Actress)

Arnold, Lindsay (Professional Dancer/ DWTS)

Atlanta Falcon Cheerleaders

Beatriz, Ana (Indycar Racer)

Berberyan, Marina (Celebrity Fashion Stylist)

Bialik, Mayim (Actress)

Brin, Lindsay (Fitness Coach/ex-NFL Rams Cheerleader)

Brouder, Corina (Singer)

Brown, Brianna (Actress)

Bucci, Nicki (Fitness Model)

Bursor, Amy (Actress/Model/Dancer)

Caballero, Tara (Fitness Model)

Cameron, Jessica (Actress)

Camp, Melanie (Actress)

Cartwright, Nancy (Voice Actress "Bart Simpson")

Chapin, Jen (Singer)

Cher (Singer/Actress)

Christensen, Julie (Singer)

Clayton, Sarah (Model)

Cleary, Katie (Actress/Model -Deal or No Deal)

Cohen, Natalie (Actress)

Collesano, Melissa (Author/Professional Cheerleader)

Creamer, Paula (LPGA)

D'Alessio, Diana (LPGA)

D'Amico, Tamela (Jazz Singer)

Davidson, Eileen (Actress)

Dent, Cheryl (Actress)

Digby, Amber (Country Music)

Donovan, Darcy (Actress)

Duff, Hilary (Actress/Singer)

Dunn, Lenay (MTV Host)

Edmonson, Kat (Jazz Singer)

Egnew, Danielle (Musician/Actress)

Eleniak, Erika (Actress)

Elizabeth, Jeni (Celebrity Stylist)

Espinosa, Eden (Actress/Singer)

Evans, Faith (Singer)

Evans, Sara (Country Singer)

Fifth Harmony (All 5 Singers)

Fox, Lauren (Actress/Singer)

Frye, Letitia (Auctiontainer)

Gal, Sandra (LPGA)

Garcia, Blanche (Designer - Hotel Impossible)

Gardner, Pam (Meteorologist   WISH-TV Indianapolis)

Garret, Siedah (Singer/Songwriter)

Ghavami, Marissa (Actress/Singer)

Ghigliotti, Marilyn (Actress)

Gist, Amanda (Actress)

Gomes, Jessica (Model / Sports Illustrated Swimsuit)

Gordon, Mikalah (American Idol Finalist)

Graf, Steffi (Former World #1 Tennis Player)

Grumbles, Jenny (Texas Storage Wars)

Gulbis, Natalie (LPGA)

Gunvalson, Vicki (Real Housewives of Orange County)

Haiduk, Stacy (Actress)

Hale, Caitlin (Actress)

Hale, Lucy (Actress/Singer)

Hart, Melissa Joan (Actress)

Heaton, Patricia (Actress)

Hickombottom, Leigh (Fitness Model)

Hough, Julianne (DWTS/Singer/Actress)

Indianapolis Colt Cheerleaders

Ivanovic, Ana (WTA Tennis Pro)

James, Mickie (Singer/Professional Wrestler)

Jepsen, Carly Rae (Singer)

Jimenez, Carla (Actress)

Justice, Victoria (Actress/Singer)

Kerr, Cristie (LPGA)

Kristen, Ilene (Actress)

Kuzmina, Eugina (Super Model)

Lambert, Krystyn (Magician)

Leahy, Christine (Televison Reporter/Fox Sports)

Lewis, Brooke (Actress)

Lilley, Jen (Actress)

Marie, Devon (Singer/Actress)

Marlier, Lisa (Model)

McCormick, Kathryn (Actress/Dancer)

McGee, Kristin (Model/Celebrity Trainer)

McKay, Nellie (Singer/Actress)

Meade, Robin (HLN/CNN Television & Singer)

Memme, Tanya (A&E Television host & producer)

Merrow, Jane (Actress)

Midler, Bette (Actress/Singer)

Miller, Zara (Model)

Minshew, Alicia (Actress "All My Children")

Mirren, Helen (Actress)

Montenegro, Lisalla (Model)

Morgan, Alexis (Television Sports Broadcaster)

O'Dassey, Seregon (Actress)

O'Dell, Nancy (Entertainment Tonight co-host)

Olsen, Lindy (Fitness Model)

Ortiz, Victoria (Singer)

Parton, Dolly (Singer/Actress)

Pascente, Danielle (Model)

Pereira, Michaela (CNN "New Day")

Phillips, Tiffany (Actress/Singer)

Princes, Jessica (Model)

Puente, Audrey (Meteorologist FOX Television)

Quiroz, Suyumi (Fitness/Dance)

Ramm, Leandra (Actress)

Reyes, Alisa (Actress)

Rice, Gigi (Actress)

Rigby McCoy, Cathy (Actress)

Riley, Mary (Actress)

Roberts, Berna (Actress)

Rodriguez, Catalina (Actress)

Santos, Riza (Miss Universe Canada 2013)

Schnarre, Monika (Model/Actress)

Shak, Beth (Professional Poker Player)

Sharapova, Maria (Model/Tennis)

Shepherd, Ashton (Country Music)

Siebers, Debbie (Fitness Expert)

Siegel, Janis (Singer)

Simpson, Jessica (Singer/Actress)

Smirnoff, Karina (Dancer- "Dancing With the Stars")

Smith, Jaclyn (Actress)

Snowden, Keyla (Univ. of Kentucky Basketball)

Southern, Taryn (Singer/Actress)

Stewart, Catherine Mary (Actress)

Stodden, Courtney (Television)

Sturm, Yfke (Supermodel)

Sun, Angela (Television)

Tate, Valisa (Model/Actor)

Taylor, Jennifer (Actress)

Tejada, Natalie (CBS News Anchor)

Thompson, Lauren (Golf Channel)

Toscano, Pia (Singer/American Idol)

Turner, Debbie (Actress)

Tran, Mai (Fitness Model)

Tuohy, Leigh Ann (Author/Television Personality)

Twiggy (Supermodel)

Van Ark, Joan (Actress)

Vega, Amelia (Miss Universe 2003)

Visser, Lesley (CBS Sportscaster)

Walters, Barbara (ABC Television)

Waters, Katarina (Actress/Wrestler)

Watkins, Ashley (Dancer/Actress)

Way, Erin (Actress)

Webb, Karrie (LPGA)

White, Vanna (Wheel of Fortune)

Wie, Michelle (LPGA)

Wilkinson, Adrienne (Actress)

Williams, Jennifer (Verizon Fios1 -Sports Anchor)

Wilson, Ann (Heart)

Wilson, Nancy (Heart)

Witt, Katarina (Figure Skater/Model)

Zee, Ginger (Good Morning America/Weather)






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